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MADRID, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Spanish Acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy insisted that Spain needed a "stable government," as he started the investiture debate in the Spanish Congress on Wednesday.

The leader of the People's Party (PP) was the only party leader to speak on Wednesday, with the leaders of the other parties scheduled to make their speeches on Thursday, before a vote is held on whether or not Rajoy will become prime minister.

He will lose that vote as the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) last Sunday controversially decided to vote against him on Thursday but to abstain in a second investiture vote to be held on Saturday.

That means that Saturday will see Rajoy win the simple majority he needs to officially return to office at the head of a minority government to end 10 months of political stalemate.

In his speech, the PP leader insisted that during those 10 months, the country had "remained on course," but highlighted, "Spain cannot have any more delays or uncertainty," and that it needed a government that "can govern and keep to the path."

He said it was vital to avoid a third general election in a year as this was something "the Spanish do not want."

The PP leader said the "two basic objectives" of a future government were employment and "maintaining the basic pillars of the welfare state," adding that Spain "had turned the corner," in regard to job creation, but there was "much work to be done" and explaining he "would not go back" on the economic policies of his previous government.

Rajoy sent a message to Ciudadanos who will support him in the investiture and the PSOE who will permit him to form a minority government. He said he would look for agreements on issues such as climate change and gender violence, as well as education. Enditem

PARIS Cheap Wholesale NBA Jerseys , Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- French President Francois Hollande used to be under fire for hesitant leadership and failure to fix economic troubles, but his handling of recent terror attacks could emerge as a political turnaround and help defend his statesmanlike role.

An Ifop survey for Paris-Match magazine issued on Monday showed France's most unpopular leader enjoyed an unprecedented poll boost after collecting favorable votes from 40 percent of the 1003 respondents, up by 21 points from December.

Hollande's popularity reached the highest level since 2013 thanks to his swift response to the attacks which targeted a satirical magazine Cheap NBA Jerseys From China , police and Jewish community several days ago.

"According to a large slice of French people, Hollande has well played his role of a statesman during a period of crisis and which required a national unity. It's an improvement that could help the president to silent critics over his inability to rule the country," said Bernard Sananes Cheap NBA Jerseys China , director of CSA polling institute.

On January 7, the Socialist leader rushed to the headquarters of the the weekly Charlie Hebdo where two Islamist gunmen killed 12 people in the worst terror attack in decades.

A day after, another armed man opened fire against a policewoman. He also shot dead four Jewish during a hostage-taking in a Kosher supermarket in the French capital.

Presiding over a series of emergency security meetings Cheap NBA Jerseys , Hollande seemed well embodying the position of president by ordering swift mobilization of security units to track down the shooters and preserve the country's calm.

In an unprecedented show, the biggest since France liberation in 1944, Hollande led a high-profile rally to denounce terrorism and racism.

Before Paris shootings Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , Hollande had long been the pollster's most unpopular French leader on failure to ease economic woes with just 13 percent of people had positive opinions on the Elysee occupant.

But the fall-out from the shootings has brought out the president's political credentials after many have doubted his merits to lead the eurozone's second largest economy.

However, some also argue that the issue may not have a lasting impact on Hollande's approval ratings as economic headaches are still challenging the head of state.

"In order to enjoy a high popularity for a long time, Hollande should show that he really has changed and take into consideration people's concerns and expectations by taking the right measures Cheap Authentic Jerseys , especially the economic ones," said Eric Bonnet, analyst at BVA pollster.

"Gradually Cheap Sports Jerseys , people will forget what happened in the previous days and their worries about unemployment and growth will reappear. With no concrete results, Hollande risks to see his popularity falling again," he told Xinhua.

In the past four decades Cheap New Jerseys , unemployment rate has been dogging French political scene.

In 1975, one million unemployed people forced Valey Giscard d'Estaing to quit the Elysee. With 2 million job-seekers, the socialist Francois Mitterrand accepted coalition with the Right wing in 1986 to secure a second mandate. Defeated Edouard Balladur in 1995 Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , Jacques Chirac left office as joblessness jumped in 2002.

Speaking to the news channel BFMTV, a government official said "we could have a lasting and beneficial effect if we continue to well treat subjects... of defense of freedom and the fight against terrorism. But... is France able to give the best of itself in other areas?"

Originally targeting an economic growth of 1 percent in 2014, France slashed its growth target for the country's economy by 0.6 percent to 0.4 percent Cheap Jerseys From China , blaming economic gloom in Europe.

Analysts said Paris needs to accelerate growth by 1 percent at least to digest more than 3 million job-seekers.

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