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RSorder RSGold $18 Coupons til Oct.20

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# 14.10.2019 - 06:04:25

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Catholic commentator Michael Brendan Dougherty was cutting, writing inthe National Reviewthat "Tobin's tweets read as the shrug of a man who long since gave up on the idea of actually protecting the flock from the wolves, and has taken to telling the surviving sheep not to be too disheartened that their friends and children continue to be devoured by his colleagues."
Pangolins (Photo: Human Society International) While this trade deal offers little beyond cooperation, technical assistance and capacity building with respect to advancing animal welfare, it does have significant potential to protect wildlife, if resourced adequately. Dr Joanna Swabe, HSI/Europe senior director of public affairs said is encouraging that the EU has succeeded in negotiating a trade deal that goes beyond the usual boilerplate commitments from the Parties to properly implement and enforce multilateral environmental agreements. The inclusion of provisions that require both the EU and Vietnam to actively take effective measures to reduce illegal wildlife trade, such as awareness raising campaigns, monitoring and enforcement measures, is an incredibly helpful tool to aid the global fight against wildlife trafficking". we welcome the explicit commitment in the agreement to enhance cooperation between the Parties to increase species [Read more.] about HSI welcomes EVFTA as a tool to tackle illegal wildlife trade

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